What I learned this week?

Friday,February 1,2013
 This week I learned, how to find area of trapezoid. At first, I couldn't remember how to do this. I took a deep breath and payed all my attention to Mrs.Cox. She explained it so well, I fully understand now. Thanks Mrs.Cox, for teaching me how to do this. When it clicked it was almost like an epiphany moment. I also learned the parts of microscope which I'm having a test over that on Tuesday.Mr.Winrotte let us use the microscope with a partner. My partner was Garret May, we looked at many different objects. Everything is so different under a microscope, its so cool. So this is what I learned this week. Thanks to all my wonderful teachers!
Friday,January 25,2013

This week I learned 16 new vocabulary words. I'm going to write about epiphany though. This week I had a epiphany in math class with, Mrs.Cox. She was talking about two step algebraic expressions, and how to solve them. Mrs.Cox said, "I want to get to know Mr.R more, but his girlfriend and her best friend is always with him. So first we are going to get rid of the best friend, then the girlfriend." This was my epiphany, I finally understood how to do two step algebraic expressions.

Wednesday,January 16,2013

This week I learned how to write and understand algebraic expressions, in math. Before I knew how to do this, I wondered how read and write algebraic expressions. But, after a few math worksheets I noticed, "Hey this isn't that hard, man this easy!". Mrs.Cox uses real like examples which helps me a bunch. When writing algebraic expressions, you have to go by the Order of Operations method.What if I never learned how to write algebraic expressions, I would be screwed because, I wouldn't be able to help my children on their math homework. I liked how Mrs.Cox uses real life examples and props, while she interacts with us. How might I use these in real life, besides a math teacher? But, now this math concept is so much easier.


  1. Mrs. Cox will be so excited that the light bulb went off!!!!

  2. Great way to being thinking about your thinking.


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